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Must know high school physics

Bruhn, Chris
You know that moment when you feel as though a lightning bolt has hit you because you finally get something? Thats how this book will make you react. (We hope!) Each chapter makes sure that what you really need to know is clear right off the bat and sees to it that you build on this knowledge. Where other books ask you to memorize stuff, were going to show you the must know ideas that will guide you toward success in physics. You will start each chapter learning what the must know ideas behind a physics subject are, and these concepts will help you solve the physics problems that you find in your classwork and on exams. Were confident that the must know ideas in this book will have you up and solving physics problems in no timeor at least in a reasonable amount of time!


Chris Bruhn.

"Find out the important stuff in a flash. Solve physics problems from the get-go"--Cover.
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