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Nantahala - land of the noonday sun

Holland, Lance

Join regional experts George Ellison and Lance Holland along with award winning cinematographer Ron Ruehl as they explore the entire Nantahala River system from its head waters high in the Standing Indian area near the NC-GA State line down to Nantahala Lake and on through the breathtaking upper and lower gorges to its confluence with Fontana Lake. Along the way they will relate the stories of the Cherokees, white settlers, quarrymen, geologists, botanists, railroad builders, loggers, dam builders, and major recreational facilities that have explored and utilized this important corridor situated in the heart of the Southern Appalachians. This 54 minute documentary will transport you to magic places all along the river--high vistas, varied forests, native wildflower habitats, waterfalls, and gorges and thereby enhance your enjoyment of he region the Cherokee people called "Nantahala" or "Land of the Noonday Sun."

Not rated.|||adult

with George Ellison and Lance Holland

Companion film to Holland's The Nantahala River; A History and Guide

George Ellison, Lance Holland

Director, Lance Holland ; Writer, George Ellison ; Videographer, Ron Ruehl ; Narrator, Lee Knight ; Music, Lee Knight, Heather Holland

DVD, region 1, full screen presentation, Dolby Digital 2.0.

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