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Northward to home

Quist, Reg
"John Ware, a well-known, highly loved, and acclaimed black cowboy, arrived in Alberta at the beginning of the extraordinary ranching story on the grasslands. He faced and conquered snowstorms, vast distances, rough horses, not to mention a few rough men. As John participated in the building of some of the great Alberta ranches, he faced racism and delayed, but not forgotten, dreams of a ranch and family of his own. Being one of only a handful of black men on the grasslands, his dream seemed to be passing him by. Everything changed when the news of a family moving to Calgary with a daughter of marriageable age hit John's ears. John's life took on a new focus. The John Ware story suffers only from the lack of a personally recorded history. John was illiterate. He left no written records for posterity. But he left a strong history on the land and in the minds of those he lived and worked with. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to John Ware's dreams of owning his own ranch and having his own family."--


Reg Quist.

"A slave's brave journey to living his dream"--Cover.
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