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Not so innocent bystanders

Soper, S. I
"All Logan is trying to do is get back to Texas after a cattle drive to New Mexico Territory. But as well as being a rancher, he is a water-witch, and that's his downfall. By coincidence, he sees a broadside offering $50.00 for a dowser to come to Liberty Prison and witch a new well. That's too good to pass up, but that's where his problems begin. Liberty's warden has no intention of paying for a well - he keeps Logan as an inmate. Logan has to escape the prison, evade those hunting him, and survive desert heat, unnatural gully washers, and hungry cougars. Meanwhile, the coincidences keep piling up: There is that ghostly prospector . . . There is Marshal Wilkie . . . He is in time to save Mrs. Harmony Lang from the flash-flood . . . He and Harmony become trapped in the hidden town of Miracle, the headquarters of both a strange cult and an outlaw gang . . . Just when Logan thinks things can't possibly get any worse, they do. The only bright spot in this whole mess is Miss Harmony, but Logan isn't sure he can rescue himself, much less save her from a fate worse than death!"--


S. I. Soper.
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