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The other side of the wire

Coyle, Harold
"In 1935 many in Germany saw Hitler as the answer to their prayers. In their eyes he was a man of vision, courage and determination who was ready to lead them out of darkness and into the light, reclaiming Germany's rightful place as a world power. Among them is Hans Koch, a boy of nine who longs to be part of this new world order. It is a dream, however, that is denied him, for Hans is a Jew. When the opportunity to escape his heritage and join others his age in building a new and stronger Germany comes his way, Hans does not hesitate to seize it even though the cost is incredibly steep. The need to deny a religion that has brought him nothing but grief is of little consequence to Hans. Doing so by assuming the role of a girl on the other hand presents him with a dilemma that cannot be easily ignored. Still, in the eyes of a nine year old, anything is better than the persecution he has to look forward to if he does nothing."--from back cover.


Harold Coyle.
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