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Overcoming every problem

Meyer, Joyce
"Today, society seemingly has more problems than ever. We constantly worry about our friends, our family, our future, and everything in between. Our list can go on and on. Some problems tend to be more of a challenge than others and can often cause us to struggle to think about anything else causing us to "check out" or not be fully present. Bestselling author, Joyce Meyer, is no stranger to problems, but she has learned to ease her mind by turning to God's word. Truth, healing, grace, you name it, God's word has insight and Joyce wants to share it with you. The truth is, God has a plan for us, and we can trust him even in times of stress. Easier said than done right? In Overcoming Every Problem, Joyce takes you through 40 problems she often faces and leads you to God's Word to help put your mind and soul at ease. Rooted in the Word of God, you'll look at biblical passages you've seen before in a new light and have a pleasant gathering place to return to should a new problem arise. God's Word does many things for us if we study it, believe it, and apply it to our lives"--


Joyce Meyer.
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