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Passin' through

L'Amour, Louis
It seemed the perfect place to lie low. The owner of the ranch was an attractive gray-haired lady who had once been an actress. The other woman was a beautiful, fragile-seeming blonde. They needed repairs done, and he needed to disappear for a while. The first sign that things were not as they should be was when a Pinkerton man questioned him about a missing woman. Then he accidentally found a will belonging to the previous owner of the ranch. After that, a young lady showed up in town making claims that the place belonged to her. Worried that his hideout was turning into a battleground, he didn't know what would be more dangerous, staying of leaving. For a man interested only in passin' through, he suddenly found himself entangled in a deadly struggle.


Louis L'Amour ; Ready by Oliver Wyman ; Postscript read by Jason Culp and Dan John Miller

Read by Oliver Wyman, Postscript read by Jason Culp and Dan John Miller
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