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Perfect world

Aruga, Rie

Perfect world. 4 - Rie Aruga

"Afraid that their relationship is only doing more harm to them than good, Itsuki decides to break up with Tsugumi. The breakup leaves Tsugumi reeling, and while she tries to come to terms with Itsuki ending their relationship, she just can't seem to swallow her lingering feelings. When she's at her lowest, Koreda comes to support her, and Tsugumi begins to see a side of Koreda she's never seen before. Meanwhile, Itsuki begins to regret his decision and decides to tell Tsugumi his true feelings. But whena family emergency has Tsugumi moving back to Matsumoto, will Itsuki's feelings reach her in time, or will it be too late?"--

Rie Aruga ; translation: Rachel Murakawa ; lettering: Thea Willis ; additional lettering: Sara Linsley.

Pages numbered from right to left.

Chiefly illustrations.

Target Readership: