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Pony Boys

Prosch, Richard
"In 1879, the notorious horse thief Doc Middleton rules the Niobrara rough country west of Holt County, Nebraska, with a loose affiliation of young outlaws, dubbed the Pony Boys. Albert "Kid" Wade, August John, Windy Barnes, Boots Harper, and a dozen other amoral roughnecks spent their days stealing horses, raising hell, and generally having the time of their lives. But nothing lasts forever, and the unorganized territories west are succumbing to complaints from settlers and the Indian agencies alike. What happens to the Pony Boys when law and order lands hard-and ruthless-at the end of a rope? As Doc struggles with change, and Kid Wade fights white-knuckled against it, young Augustus "Gus" John faces the most important challenge of his life. A challenge sure to tear at the fabrics of loyalty and friendship, rending the Pony Boys apart forever. A fictionalized account of Doc Middleton and the Pony Boys decline during the historical summer of 1879."--


Richard Prosch.
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