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Prehistoric sea monsters

Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
"Teeth, tails, and scales--oh my! Newly independent readers will be transported back to a time when bugs were big and monsters ruled the deep. Each page of this dazzling Level 2 reader is packed with jaw-dropping facts on the fiercest predators of the ancient oceans. Learn about Megalodon, the largest shark ever to have lived; Jaekelopterus, a human-size scorpion; Helicoprion, a fish whose teeth were in the shape of a circular saw; and more! Level 2 text provides accessible yet wide-ranging information for kids ready to read on their own"--‡cProvided by publisher

Ages 5-8 National Geographic.|||Grades 2-3 National Geographic.|||juvenile

Stephanie Warren Drimmer.

"Reading independently"--Back cover.
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