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Ralph Compton

Healey, Tony
"A woman seeks revenge for her father's murder in this tense installment of bestselling author Ralph Compton's Gunfighter series. Eight years ago, vicious bandits killed Marshall Tobias Cassidy and left his daughter for dead. They thought they got away clean. Now a contest to determine the top shootist in the Wild West is set to take place in Fortune's Cross and lady gunslinger Hope Cassidy has come to town...only it's not for glory, it's for vengeance. After gunning down one of the men who murdered her father, Hope is given a stark choice: swing from a rope, or take the dead man's place in the contest. As the number of guns in play dwindles, Hope learns the identity of the person who ordered her father's death all those years ago. She will make him pay for what he's done, just like she did the others. But first she must survive a competition in which there can be only one competitor left alive."--


Tony Healey.
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