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The roaring days of Zora Lily

Salazar, Noelle
"2023, The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. A costume conservator is preparing an exhibition featuring movie costumes from the 1920s to present day. As she gingerly places a gown once worn by Greta Garbo on a mannequin, she discovers another name hidden beneath the designer's label, leaving her to wonder--who is Zora Lily? 1924, Seattle. Poverty-stricken Zora Hough spends her days looking after her younger siblings while sewing up holes and fixing hems for clients to bring in extra money. ... But at night, as she lies in the bed she shares with one of her three sisters, she secretly dreams of becoming a designer like Coco Chanel and Jeanne Lanvin"--


Noelle Salazar.

Includes discussion questions.

Includes bibliographical references.
Target Readership: