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There are currently 3 announcements posted affecting service at Hudson Library, including 2 region-wide service interruptions. Visit the Closings page for more information.
  • Due to coronavirus prevention, all Fontana Regional Library buildings are currently open with some restrictions (including local mask requirements) and Curbside pickup service (upon request). Please call your local library for more information.

  • All locations will be closed Monday, January 17th.


Adams, William D
Robots are all around you. As robotics technology improves, robots are poised to take on even more important jobs, making your life easier, safer, and cooler! A robot has to have some sort of computing ability to do its job. But how smart are robots, really? What do they know and what can they do? Can they learn like us--and could they ever get too smart?


writer: William D. Adams.

Includes bibliographical references and index.
Target Readership: