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Sammy Espinoza's last review

Mejia, Tehlor Kay

"A music critic stuck in a spiral of epic proportions targets her teenage crush for a career comeback and a chance at revenge. What could possibly go wrong? Sammy Espinoza's life is a raging dumpster fire. Her desperate attempt to win back her singer ex-girlfriend has landed her in hot water at work, and she has one last chance before her editor cuts her column. Luckily, Sammy has a plan to redeem herself, but it won't be easy. Rumor has it that Max Ryan, the former rock god, is secretly recording his first-ever solo album years after he dramatically quit performing. And it just so happens that he and Sammy have history; right before Max got his big break, he and Sammy spent an unforgettable night together. Exclusive access to Max's new music would guarantee Sammy's professional comeback and, even better, give her the opportunity to serve some long-awaited revenge for his traumatic ghosting. But Max lives in Ridley Falls, Washington, and Sammy has history there as well, a family that never wanted her and a million unanswered questions. Going back would mean confronting it all--but what else does she have to lose?"--


Tehlor Kay Mejia.

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