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Shadow of a dead man

Johnstone, William W
William W. Johnstone.

He who lives by the gun...Shotgun Johnny Greenway thought he'd hit rock bottome when he lost his wife and son, hung up his badge, and hit the bottle. But a pretty young woman gave him a second chance. Offered him a job riding shotgun for the Reverend's Temptation Gold Mine. Gave him a reason to live. But even she can't same him when the Starrett gang tries to rob the gold-and Johnny is accused of killing their leader...Dies by the gun...When the dust clears, Shotgun Johnny is wanted for murder. The dead man's father has powerful friends, including a town marshal who's Johnny's personal enemy. The dead man's father wants vengeance. The town marshal wants a girl. Both men want Johnny dead. With a $2,000 bounty on his head-and half the county trying to kill him-Johnny's got to prove his innocence. Not in a court of law. In a trial by shotgun...
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