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Shipwreck island

Murray, Struan
Ellie and Seth know more than most people do about living amongst gods. Ellie, an inventor with a tragic past, was once forced to become the human Vessel for the most wicked god of all, the Enemy; Seth, a mysterious boy with no memories, has just discovered that he's actually a god himself. So when they escape the City and all of its inhabitants who want them dead, they hope to find a new island--free of gods--to call home. Months on a homemade raft have stretched their patience with each other, but at last they spot land--and when they arrive it seems every bit the paradise they'd been dreaming of. But the tropical island has its secrets just as the City did, and Ellie and Seth are faced with impossible questions about who they can trust and who they can't--including each other. 


Struan Murray

Sequel to: Orphans of the Tide

Performed by Laura Rollins.
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