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A short rope for a tall man

Morgan, Nate
"Nate Morgan's Spur Award-winning series continues with all the gun-blazing action of Larry McMurtry and the dark humor of The Sisters Brothers, as reformed outlaw Carson Stone's quest for redemption sends him riding a hard trail in pursuit of the Wild West's most wanted killer ... The most wanted man in the West, Big Bob McGraw has earned his reputation as a thief and killer. With a gang of trigger-happy desperadoes willing to do his bidding, McGraw has robbed banks, stagecoaches, and railroads, raised hell ravaging towns, and left bodies littering the streets in his wake. Carson Stone rode with McGraw's gang exactly once, minding their horses during a bank robbery, before quitting. But with the marshal of El Paso, Texas, gunned down in cold blood as the bandits escaped, he's been judged guilty by association. To clear his name, Carson teams up with bounty hunter Colby Tate to track down the outlaws-now scattered across the frontier-and bring them to justice. And Carson must convince his partner to bring McGraw in alive or he'll never escape the shadow of the hangman's noose." --


Nate Morgan.

Nate Morgan is a pseudonym for Victor Gischler.
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