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Rodgers, Mary

"The memoirs of Mary Rodgers―writer, composer, Broadway royalty, and “a woman who tried everything.” “What am I, bologna?” Mary Rodgers (1931–2014) often said. She was referring to being stuck in the middle of a talent sandwich: the daughter of one composer and the mother of another. And not just any composers. Her father was Richard Rodgers, perhaps the greatest American melodist; her son, Adam Guettel, a worthy successor. What that leaves out is Mary herself, also a composer, whose musical Once Upon a Mattress remains one of the rare revivable Broadway hits written by a woman. Shy is the story of how it all happened: how Mary grew from an angry child, constrained by privilege and a parent’s overwhelming gift, to become not just a theater figure in her own right but also a renowned author of books for young readers (including the classic Freaky Friday) and, in a final grand turn, a doyenne of philanthropy and the chairman of the Juilliard School. But in telling these stories―with copious annotations, contradictions, and interruptions from Jesse Green, the chief theater critic of The New York Times―Shy also tells another, about a woman liberating herself from disapproving parents and pervasive sexism to find art and romance on her own terms. Whether writing for Judy Holliday or Rin Tin Tin, dating Hal Prince or falling for Stephen Sondheim over a game of chess at thirteen, Rodgers grabbed every chance possible―and then some. Both an eyewitness report from the golden age of American musical theater and a tale of a woman striving for a meaningful life, Shy is, above all, a chance to sit at the feet of the kind of woman they don’t make anymore―and never did. They make themselves."--


Mary Rodgers and Jesse Green.

Part I: Hostilities -- Love me tonight -- A genuine princess -- Too good to be true -- The blue room -- Leaving the building -- Six days a week -- I don't perform -- Away we go! -- Is there any money in it? -- What's the use of wond'rin? -- Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup -- Myopics -- More than once upon a matress -- Et quatenus masculinum et femininam -- Holiday for heartstrings -- Part II: Someone's getting worse -- Some of my best friends -- Dubonnet -- A craw pull -- And then I wrote -- My own individual star -- Lenny: a rhapsody -- For there is much to dare -- I had confidence -- Fair game -- Chip off the old blockbuster -- What's my motivation? -- Way down deep I'm demure -- The breakage -- East side story -- Will not endure -- Part III: Aren't we all? -- Mars landing -- No don't -- What, me worry? -- The boy from -- Some bombs -- The rake's progress -- Two minds -- Dingue dingue dingue -- Enemas for elephants -- Give and get -- I dismember mama -- A major canon -- N.A.C. -- Are we anywhere? -- The yellow room.

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