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Something Small That Saved Us

Kirkland, Samantha Narelle

Once you loved and respected JFK you never got over him. Although he was young in years, this man was unusually astute when he became President of our nation. With many years of thought-provoking study of history and world leaders such as Winston Churchill behind him, he assumed office with a clear concept of how he could make the world a better place in which to live. More importantly, he had the inner fortitude required to take us there. Elected as our President while in his mid-forties, he was tall, charmingly handsome, and possessed a smile that captivated women while expressing self-assurance to men. He embodied a buoyant attitude and a ready intellectual which enabled him to inspire Americans to achieve wondrous things. The key was to get everyone working toward such goals. This would require, accordingly, that each of us be empowered with an equal chance to participate. -- back cover

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