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The storm is here

Mogelson, Luke

The storm is here : an American crucible

"The Storm is Here is the definitive eyewitness account of how-over the course of a year of pandemic, economic collapse, and feral hatred-stoking and conspiracy-mongering by the President and his campaign-a large segment of Americans became convinced that they needed to rise up against dark forces on the Left that were plotting to take their country away, and then did just that. Through vivid and intimate accounts of people and events on the ground, The Storm is Here builds month by month, as the fever rises, and Trump and an unhinged media seed the ground for the claim that the election was stolen, through to the final explosive climax of January 6th at the U.S. Capitol, where Mogelson was in the chambers with the howling mob. Bravely reported and beautifully written, Mogelson's book is in the tradition of some of the essential chronicles of war and unrest of our time, from Michael Herr to Jon Lee Anderson. Only this time, there's no such thing as a comfortable distance. This time, the storm is here"--


Luke Mogelson.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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