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Sweet in tooth and claw

Ohlson, Kristin
"For centuries, people have debated whether nature is mostly competitive--as Darwin theorized and the poet Tennyson described as "red in tooth and claw"--or innately cooperative, as many ancient and indigenous peoples believed. In the last 100 or so years, a growing gang of scientists have studied the mutually beneficial interactions that are believed to benefit every species on earth. This book is full of stories of generosity--not competition--in nature. It is a testament to the importance of a healthy biodiversity, and dispels the widely accepted premise of survival of the fittest"--Provided by publisher.


Kristin Ohlson.

Includes index.

Preface -- An underground tapestry of give-and-take -- We need better metaphors -- We are ecosystems -- Transforming deserts into wetlands -- Agriculture that nutures nature -- I'll take my coffee with birds -- Healing with ridgetop to reef -- Living in verdant cities.
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