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Sweetwater & the witch

Castle, Jayne

If there's something Ravenna Chastain knows, it's when to end things. After almost becoming the victim of a cult that believes she's a witch, Ravenna leaves her old life to become a matchmaker. But even a successful matchmaker can't find someone for everyone, and Ravenna considers Ethan Sweetwater her first professional failure. After nine disastrous dates, Ravenna knows it's time to cut Ethan loose. Yet Ethan refuses to fired as a client - he needs one final date to a business function.After failing to find a match for Ethan Sweetwater, she agrees to be his date for a business function. What Ethan fails to mention is that attending the business function is a cover for some industrial espionage he's doing as a favor to the new Illusion Town Guild boss. Ravenna is happy to help, but their relationship gets even more complicated when things heat - the chemistry between them is explosive, as explosive as the danger that's stalking Ravenna. Lucky for her, Ethan isn't just an engineer - he's also a Sweetwater, and Sweetwaters are known for hunting down monsters.


Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle.

Compact discs.

Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat.

Target Readership: