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There are many roads to recovery

Ragels, Larry A
"Yes, there is a way. AA is one way, the most well-known way, but not the ONLY way. The voices of the founders and inventors of the many recovery programs in this book speak through their stories. In an engaging readable style, Larry Ragels has brought to the reader many other options for seeking recovery from alcohol. You may find the program that fits best for yourself or your family member. Some may be traditional, some religious, some compatible with Twelve Step programs, and some take an entirely different approach. You'll find that some programs are self-help, some are group-help, and some advocate professional help. Ragels goal is that everyone who approaches The Roads to Recovery are Many with an addiction problem will find something they can use. Each chapter ends with a section "Taking These Roads" which gives special advice and information on additional reading, websites and contacts."--Back cover.


Larry A. Ragels.

Includes bibliographic references and index.
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