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Transparent mountain

Glazier, Loss Pequeño

Transparent mountain : meditations on the Smokies

"Transparent Mountain engages heart and spirit in a Smoky Mountains landscape that no longer physically exists, but that can be experienced intuitively and through the book's rich, evocative writing. It is part of the American vision to engage with the wilderness (Whitman, Thoreau, Bartram, Muir, Snyder) but this is the first work to try to look through environmental disaster to the soul of the wilderness. Loss Pequeño Glazier touches on its deep geologic history, first Indian inhabitants, first total destruction, its contemporary condition, and its many living creatures and geographic enchantments to paint a vibrant mural of its living present. The Smoky Mountains, Appalachians, and Blue Ridge vistas, all part of the landscape, sometimes present the illusion of seeing through a mountain chain to the one behind it. Through Glazier's evocative and playful writing, you also look through these mountains and sense their former splendor, joy, and spirit, what being transparent is all about. Let the ancient mountain majesty resonate wildly in the present of your own spirit!"--

Loss Pequeño Glazier.

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