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Trapped in Terror Bay

Brouwer, Sigmund
"In 1845, explorer Sir John Franklin set sail from England with two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Their mission: to explore what is now the Canadian Arctic in search of the Northwest Passage to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Both ships were spotted entering Baffin Bay in August 1845, but that was the last any Europeans saw of them. The ships and the entire party of 129 men vanished, becoming one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration, and sparking one of the most extensive search efforts in world history. Between 1847 and 1859, there were 32 expeditions from Britain and the US! And the still-unfolding mysteries of the Franklin Expedition continue to enthrall to this day. In Trapped in Terror Bay, readers follow three distinct narratives through each of ten suspenseful episodes. First, from the point of view of Francis Crozier, commander of the HMS Terror, they experience the exciting highs, terrifying lows and awful responsibility of leading a voyage through the icy Arctic. Then, the scene turns to the many search parties organized by Admiralty leaders, anxious wives and reward-seekers, hoping against hope but unaware of the villainy that may have already sealed the fate of the Expedition's officers and crew. Finally, readers join modern-day searches for the two lost ships and examine the evidence and theories about what happened to doom the mission and men. Unique to each episode are mini-mysteries from history that, like the mystery of the Franklin Expedition, may be solved by using techniques of forensic science. Highlighted throughout is the oral history and knowledge of the Inuit, key to finding the truth of what happened a long time ago in Terror Bay." --

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Sigmund Brouwer.
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