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Tso-i i-ya-ni tsu-na-s-di si-qua

Belt, Thomas N

A retelling in Cherokee of the familiar tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.


tsu-wo-we-la-nv-i: De-ni-li U-da-tlo-hi-da ; di-tsi-lo-s-di-s-gi: Lu-ga A-yu-wi-ni

Text in Cherokee syllabary. Transliteration and literal English translation provided after main text. 

"Author: Tom Belt ; Illustrator: Luke Swimmer ; Editors: Gilliam Jackson, Myrtle Johnson, Garfield Long, Jr. & Martha Ledford ; Color: Renissa Walker and Sarah Bonner."--colophon

"This book was produced through partnership with Western Carolina University and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians as part of the Kituwah Language Revitalization Initiative. The project is funded in part by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation."

Target Readership: