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Uprooting fear

Camacho-Maas, Aura
The story of Uprooting Fear begins unfolding when, as a child and nearly blind, Aura intuitively begins to make sense of and transcend the starting point that Spirit has given her. She takes readers on her inspiring journey to identify that fear is what negatively impacts our living. From direct experiences and without self-aggrandizing, Aura shares with clarity and power the generous aims and conclusion of the innate drama and mystery of her story. In an authentic and self-deprecating style, she narrates a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Throughout, the reader will particularly admire her use of very difficult circumstances to evolve as she has—and her believable and relevant way of presenting it.She tells us that we are moving beyond what is called a dark night of the soul —when nothing of the world makes sense any longer and disillusion and despair fill our existence—and entering the dark night of spirit, when, in deep introspection, our choices are illuminated to nibble away at all that threatens our divinity, the divinity of the natural world and our joy of living. She shares how she came to the understanding that to Be Divine in the world of doing is the next paradigm in the human experience. She tells us that we all have the inner power to use our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacities to allow this to happen. Herein, she offers her own life’s journey and spiritual practice and four mystical revelations as a road map.


Aura Camacho-Maas
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