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Van der Valk - season 3

Freeling, Nicolas

For Commisaris Piet van der Valk, it's a new day and a new dawn as he welcomes two new Sergeants to the team, the hotshot but impulsive Eddie Suleman and the technical whiz Citra Li. The team is immediately plunged into an investigation following a dramatic shooting which draws them into the murky world of drug smuggling before revealing a deeper, darker personal tale of envy. Meanwhile, Piet's ex, Lena, comes back into his life - will they get a second chance?

Rating: TVMA.

author, Nicolas Freeling.

Title from web page.

Wide screen.

Originally broadcast as single episodes of a television program in 2023.

Bonus video: Go behind the scenes of season three!

Marc Warren, Maimie McCoy, Luke Allen-gale, Elliot Barnes-worrell, Darrell D'silva, Emma Fielding, Mike Libanon, Peter Van Heeringen.

Director, Michele Van Jaarsveld, Simone Van Dusseldorf, Arne Toonen.

DVD, wide screen.

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