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A voice for the Everglades

Conrad, Vicki
"The Florida Everglades are made up of nine different ecosystems supporting an astonishing variety of wildlife-panthers, manatees, snails, frogs, and a rainbow of bird species. But for years, the Everglades were threatened. They needed a voice to speak up for them. Marjory Stoneman Douglas became that voice. Her book "A River of Grass" helped the world see the irreplaceable beauty and value of the Everglades. Marjory's activism led to the creation of a national park and dedicated conservation efforts, and throughout her long life she inspired countless people to use their voices to make a difference"--

Ages 4-8 Albert Whitman & Company|||Grades 2-3 Albert Whitman & Company|||juvenile

Vicki Conrad ; illustrated by Ibon Adarne.

Includes bibliographical references.
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