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Water-walking sidewinding and other remarkable reptile adaptations

Perdew, Laura
A lizard that walks on water? A snake that slithers sideways? These are animal adaptations!In Water-Walking, Sidewinding, and Other Remarkable Reptile Adaptations, children ages 5 to 8 learn how and why the green basilisk lizard runs on the water’s surface, along with the very good reasons sidewinder snakes move the way they do. Explore these reptile adaptations and more with vivid illustrations, layered text, a hands-on activity, and plentiful back matter that motivates readers to further investigate the remarkable adaptations of reptiles. An acrostic poem at the beginning of the book offers a language-based entry into science details. Perfect as a read aloud or early reader for science-curious kids!

Ages 5-8.|||juvenile

Laura Perdew ; illustrated by Katie Mazeika

"Guided reading level: N."
Target Readership: