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The Wiggles

Cook, Murray

The Wiggles - We're All Fruit Salad!

Get ready to Wiggle to 30 years of Wiggly music and fun! Fans of the OG Wiggles (the ‘Original Guys’) will love reliving the soothing voice of Greg, scintillating guitar breaks from Murray, Jeff’s keyboard wizardry, and Anthony's commentary alongside their good friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, and Henry the Octopus. The OGs started ‘cradle rock,’ sold out Madison Square Garden twelve times, and have created classics for children around the world! A few years later, Sam started Wiggling and the band kept rocking!


Murray Cook; Jeff Fatt; Anthony Field; Greg Page; Sam Moran; Lachlan Gillespie; Emma Watkins; Simon Pryce; Wiggles (Musical group).


Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, Emma Watkins, Sam Moran, Greg Page.


English audio; English subtitles.

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