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Rigsby, Cody
"The beloved Peloton Instructor and Dancing with the Stars finalist chronicles his journey from small town North Carolina to New York City stardom in an empowering essay collection that reveals his secret to success: not taking yourself-or life-too seriously. Cody Rigsby has a lot of opinions: Kevin is the hottest Backstreet Boy; grape jelly is a crime against nature; if you wear flip-flops in New York City, you do not love yourself. But if there is one opinion-one truth-that he holds above all others, it's that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. We shouldn't let the fear of looking stupid, or messing up, or being judged, hold us back from living our best lives. Cody didn't always believe this, though. In XOXO, Cody, he opens up about his journey to accepting himself, from growing up gay and poor in the South with a mom suffering from addiction to his migration to New York City, where he went from broke-ass dancer to fitness icon. He intimately details what it was like to lose both his father and best friend to addiction and how he began to repair his relationship with his mom as an adult. He recounts his time working at a night club on the Lower East Side and his decision to audition for Peloton on a whim even though he had never taught a fitness class before, and dishes about competing against Sporty Spice on Dancing with the Stars. With raw and inspiring stories about learning how to handle the scary sh*t, interspersed with Q&As and Cody's definitive rankings on everything from the best after-school snacks to the most frightening Mario Kart characters, XOXO, Cody is a bold and heartfelt reminder that sometimes laughing at yourself is the best medicine. Remember: It ain't that deep, boo"--


Cody Rigsby with Rachel Bertsche.
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