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You are not a bad parent but you can be better

McKenna, Patrick

You are not a bad parent, but you can be better : how the enneagram  helps conquer the overwhelm of parenting in less than 5 minutes a day

Every parent has their own way of raising and disciplining their child. But each personality type comes with flaws that can negatively affect your childrearing. It's crucial to understand how your personality can impact the way you raise your child, so you must know how to improve your weaknesses and play to your strengths. If you want to become the best parent you can be while staying true to yourself, look no further. Inside you will discover: The 9 Enneagram types--and how to interpret your results to use them to your advantage. How to handle a rebellious child without losing your cool and making matters worse. How to make peace with your childhood trauma so it will not negatively impact the way you raise your kids. How to give your offspring the best possible life experience, even if you're a single parent. And much more. Discover how to make the most of your personality so you can be the best parent you can be. 


Patrick McKenna

Includes bibliographical references (pages [159]-163).

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