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You only call when you're in trouble

McCauley, Stephen
"After a lifetime of taking care of his impossible but irresistible sister and his cherished niece, Tom is finally ready to put himself first. An architect specializing in tiny houses, he finally has an opportunity to build his masterpiece -- "his last shot at leaving a footprint on the dying planet." Assuming, that is, he can stick to his resolution to keep the demands of his needy family at bay. Naturally, that's when his phone rings. His niece, Cecily -- the real love of Tom's life, as his boyfriend reminded him when moving out -- is embroiled in a Title IX investigation at the college where she teaches that threatens her career and relationship. And after decades of lying, his sister wants him to help her tell Cecily the real identity of her father. Tom does what he's always done -- answers the call. Thus begins a journey that will change everyone's life and demonstrate the beauty or dysfunction, (or both?) of the ties that bind families together and sometimes strangle them"--


Stephen McCauley.
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