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BREAKOUT GROUP - Arduino Programming (3D Printer Users Group / Sylva Makers Group)

Topic Arduino Programming 
The goal will be to create a web based application on the ESP8266.  

Members expressed an interest in this topic at the last Sylva Maker's meeting  specifficaly for a way to to control a Robot project and  for a Smart Greenhouse project but it is open to any one interested.  
  It is an advanced topic, however, the only prerequisite is to being able to compile and load an app onto the ESP8266. 

The class format will be mainly interactive lecture. 

This is a software only class. It would be best not to bring boxes of electronics that will only distract people from the class material.  
Students should only bring:
  1. Laptop with Arduino IDE loaded and configured to program ESP8266
  2. ESP8266 board
  3. USB to Micro USB - to connect your ESP8266 to your laptop.
  4. Something to take notes
Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 2:00pm


Jackson County Public Library

310 Keener St
Sylva NC

Telephone: 828-586-2016