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Kids Zone: Talewise! Science Heroes: Adventure of the Lost Treasure

Talewise returns for an exciting program that tells a story with special effects provided by science! Join us on a treasure-hunting adventure deep within the jungle! The audience helps the performer act out the tale, as we use the events in the story to explore several exciting science concepts:
  • Air pressure
  • Energy transfer
  • Physical vs. chemical changes
  • And more!
Volunteers help conduct each experiment and the whole audience gets involved in changing variables, making predictions, and comparing results! We’ll even bring some experiments out into the crowd for all to see.
Experience the fusion of science and stories with Science Heroes: 'Adventure of the Lost Treasure'!
Thursday, July 11, 2024 - 3:30pm


Hudson Library

554 Main St.
Highlands NC

Telephone: 828-526-3031