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Art Reception & December Exhibition with Isabella R. Jacovino

Using the grit, grime and socially provocative nature of “guerilla art” as a foundation and blending influences from Dadaism alongside digital elements of bricolage and mixed media techniques, Fear no Art offers an exploration of “anti-art” where in concern for “traditional” aesthetics are not present. Evoking inspiration from the Dada movement, along with the anarchist modality of urban art, Fear No Art serves to offer a visual narrative on the “self-taught artist”, as well as the decimation of creative boundaries both external and self-imposed. Various digital techniques such as painting, layering, airbrushing, blending, styles and actions, all lend themselves to creating pieces of brute force, unique imagery and explosive coloring.

Artist Biography

Isabella R. Jacovino is a Dark-Epic fantasy author, textile artist, and digital mixed media artist who considers Ireland to be her second home. She writes under the penname I. R. Harris and has returned to her beloved mountains of Western North Carolina after receiving her MA in International Peace, Conflict and Sustainable Development from the University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. Isabella is
constantly drawing upon those experiences abroad throughout her artistic process, and her love for the outdoors and for travel has inspired her particular advocacy for the dissemination of art and social justice.

She is the author of three dark-epic fantasy series, The Bound Trilogy, The Legion Series and The Dark Hunger Chronicles. Isabella has been a participating artist, lecturer and panelist for the Asheville Comic Expo, Greensboro City Con, Marble City Comic-Con, the Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival, GEEKOUT, the North and South Carolina Comicons, and has participated in the Authors’ Tent at the Baltimore Book Festival as well as the Emerging Authors’ Tent for the Decatur Book Festival. In 2015, Isabella was nominated for the Tybee Island Book Award for Best New Fiction. As an author and an artist, Ms. Jacovino prides herself on utilizing the amazing artistic talent within her Western North Carolina community and has partnered with local Sylva artist Clint Hardin for her current series, The Legion, and comic illustrator David Osborne for The Bound Trilogy. Isabella is the founder of “Indie Strong”, a collective of independent writers, illustrators, graphic designers, and musicians working to promote, support and encourage diverse voices within the artistic “marketplace”.