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The Marianna Black Library, in Bryson City, is hosting a holiday concert with music provided by the Glory String Players on Thursday, December 8th at 6:30pm.

The Glory String Players is a small Appalachian string ensemble that loves giving back to their community. And during the holidays, it seems like the perfect time to give back. The Glory Strings have been playing together for about four years now. The group is currently comprised of five members. Mr. Jim Gribble is a seasoned Appalachian dulcimer player and a vocalist. Ms. Sandy Perrigo and Ms. Shirley Waters are also well polished Dulcimer players. All three of them are former teachers of Swain County. Our next member of the group is Mr. Kenneth Graham who is one of the primary vocalists and the main guitarist for the group and a native-born North Carolinian. Last, but not least, is Ms. Pati Graham who is the acting manager for the Glory Strings, and she plays multiple instruments: Classical violin, Appalachian dulcimer, band jammer, mandolin, ocarina, glockenspiel, guitar, autoharp, djembe drum, and a merlin 4-string guitar. Pati is also a former elementary educator and college instructor for Jackson county.

The audience can expect to hear a variety of instruments that are not usually played together but create a unique festive sound for the holidays. The audience will experience that old times feeling when family members would just sit around, play, and sing songs during the holidays. The Glory String Players hope to spread a little joy and good tidings, and maybe even convince some of the audience members to sing along, as well.

This holiday concert is free to the public and everyone one is invited. The Marianna Black Library, a member of the Fontana Regional Library, is located in Downtown Bryson City at the corner of Academy and Rector. For more information on the class or driving directions, please call the library 828-488-3030.