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Sylva -- On Tuesdays October 10, 17, 31, and November 7 from 6-7 PM, the Jackson County Public Library is presenting a four-part series of lectures/discussions on Four Philosophical Puzzles led by retired Clemson professor Todd May. This series will be in the Community Room, is free, and requires no registration.

Todd May is the recently retired Class of 1941 Memorial Professor of the Humanities at Clemson University.  He is the author of sixteen books of philosophy and was an advisor to the philosophical sit-com The Good Place. He is a collaborator with The Good Place's showrunner, Mike Schur on a book of ethics How To Be Perfect. Todd has the following to say regarding the series' themes:

"4 Philosophical Puzzles

In philosophy, there are topics that keep philosophers awake at night, year after year and century after century.  In this set of discussions, we will look at four of them:

  1. Free will vs. Determinism:  Do we have any control over our behavior? (Tuesday, October 10th)
  2. Personal Identity:  What changes can I go through and still be me? (Tuesday, October 17th)
  3. Self-Deception:  How can I deceive myself without knowing that I'm doing it? (Tuesday, October 31st)
  4. Mind and Body:  What is their relationship? (Tuesday, November 7th)"

For more information, please call the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva at 586-2016. This series is co-sponsored by the Jackson County Arts Council.
The Jackson County Public Library is a member of Fontana Regional Library.