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The Jackson County Public Library is proud to host the Liberty Baptist Church Choir for a concert on Thursday, November 2 at 6 PM in the Community Room. This program is free of charge.

In May of 1871 a group of consecrated Christians (ex-slaves), requested permission to establish the Scotts Creek Liberty Baptist Church as their place of worship. With mutual agreement, the Scotts Creek Baptist Church (white) granted letters to: Moses Bryson, Sip Bryson, Ella Bryson, Betsy Bryson, Lucinda Love, Sylvia Bryson, Rena Bryson, Abby Bryson, Elizabeth Bryson, and Dorcus Love.

The Scotts Creek Baptist Church and the mother church, assisted in organization of the Scotts Creek Liberty Baptist Church. The first Location was in a Log Cabin, on the upper part of Col. Daniel G. Bryson's farm, near the Gum Springs, which is also near Billy Ray Bryson's home now.

This will be an amazing evening of history and music. The Library encourages everyone to come out and partake in a very important part of Jackson County's history and present!

For more information, please call the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva at 586-2016. This series is co-sponsored by the Jackson County Arts Council.
The Jackson County Public Library is a member of Fontana Regional Library.