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In the past year, the Library has developed a new Long Range Plan that turns outward to focus on needs identified by our public. We will join with other community organizations and agencies to address our community needs. Our community goals are:

CONNECTIVITY - Affordable broadband service to every home and business.

EMPLOYMENT & ECONOMY - People who want resources relating to employment and economy will find what they want and will have the help they need to make choices from among the options.

DIVERSITY - The community will recognize the library as a safe, inclusive place to access information and services that meet the needs of a diverse community.

HEALTH & MENTAL HEALTH - People will be able to identify and access the resources and information they and their families need to live healthy lives.

EDUCATION - All community members will have the educational support and opportunities they need.

While we will be working to address issues that we share with our community, we will not neglect the core library services you have come to expect:

RECREATION/LEISURE SERVICES - Community members will be able to explore trends and pursue interests that improve their quality of life.

To ensure that we have the resources to achieve these goals, we will continue to strive for:

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - The Library will have the infrastructure and resources to provide excellent service and convenient access for the community.

Look for these icons throughout this newsletter to see how we are working on these goals.  We’ll keep you posted in future issues, on our website, and in our social media, of our efforts and progress.