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Macon County Public Library hosted a Women in Science Career Fair on September 14th for families, children, and teens to learn more about science career opportunities.  The Women in Science Career Fair was an official event of the NASA @ My Library grant that the Fontana Regional Library recently received.  At this event, attendees had the opportunity to speak with seventeen local female scientists and learn more about a variety of scientific fields.
The Women in Science Career Fair also provided a variety of hands-on science related activities for kids and grown-ups of all ages, including robotics, engineering, green screen photography, 3D pens, circuit boards, and more.
The NASA@ My Library program is designed to increase and enhance science, technology, engineering, and math learning opportunities around the country, especially for geographic areas and populations currently underserved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.  The NASA@ My Library project is led by the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute. Partners include the American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, Pacific Science Center, Cornerstones of Science, and Education Development Center. NASA@ My Library is made possible through the support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Science Mission Directorate as part of its STEM Activation program.