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  • Eric Haggart Imagery

    Soaring above the Earth was once reserved for only the birds of the sky. Things progressed into the world of aviation, allowing man to see new sights and travel the world. Now, there's a new way to see the world below through the eyes of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, sUAVs. Real estate, tourism & travel, land owners, commercial and industrial businesses are beginning to see the potential of aerial imagery and how it ads infinite value to their products, listings, and business.

  • Beachside Qi Gong

    Create more depth and meaning in your life with the moving meditations of qi gong and tai chi.

  • Alarka Expeditions

    Alarka Expeditions is a Franklin, North Carolina based guide service owned by Brent and Angela Faye Martin. Brent and Angela have led courses and outings for over twenty years in the southern Appalachian mountains, with expertise in birds, plants, trees, as well as cultural and natural history. We can provide you with a range of outdoor experiences, and can work with you to fit your interests and skill levels.
  • Macon County Schools STEM Program

    Mission Statement for Macon County Schools STEM Program

    STEM is creating a community of problem solvers to lead Macon County into the future.
    To empower students to think critically about issues facing our community and problem solve real solutions so that our home (local to global) will thrive and adapt to a continually changing world.
    • Inspire community of learners to empower students with problem solving and critical thinking skills.
      • Professional Development-change in teaching paradigm – PBL
  • FRiends Of the Greenway (FROG)

    Friends of the Greenway is a member organization formed to supplement and support efforts in the care and enhancement of the Little Tennessee River Greenway in Macon County, NC.

    It's Mission is dedicated to:
    • Working with local government in stewardship of the Little Tennessee River Greenway
    • Serving the community by providing enhancements to the Greenway
    • Fostering environmental awareness through information and education
  • Nikwasi Initiative


    The Nikwasi Initiative, a collaboration of the EBCI and neighboring communities, is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the sense of place of the Nikwasi Mound and expanding the understanding of the mound and the surrounding region through improved access, interpretation and educational activities.

  • Bartram Trail Society


    • to recognize and honor the Philadelphia-born naturalist, William Bartram, who traveled through the southeast between the years 1773 and 1777, writing exact and vivid descriptions of the plants and animals he saw and the native tribes he encountered, and who published these writings in 1791 as Travels of William Bartram.
    • to establish and maintain an eighty-plus mile memorial trail, following a route as close as possible to Bartram’s original route through western North Carolina.