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South Korea

By choosing the scene of the Winter Olympics 2018, South Korea - the land of the morning calm – is brought into the public focus. The film gives a good insight into the topography of South Korea as well as in the various religious, linguistic, cultural and climatic aspects. The capital Seoul is considered to be multi-faceted world city with a special flair. The history of Korea from the settlement to the division of the country is described in the film. We experience the rise of one of the poorest countries in the world into an economic industrial country.

Christina Cooks: The Great Soup Makeover


Soups…ya gotta love 'em! They’re easy to make and heartwarming, but oh, all that fat! But hang on…creamy doesn’t have to mean cream…comfort doesn’t have to mean fattening. Christina Pirello, best-selling whole foods cookbook author and educator, has recipes that keep all the taste and keep you healthy, too. (30 minutes)

Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home: Soup


Warm, soothing, and always welcome, soup is the star of this episode. Julia Child and Jacques Pépin prepare four classic soups made from scratch: aromatic, steaming hot French Onion Soup, topped with a baked crust of Swiss cheese; Vichyssoise, or chilled Leek and Potato Soup, as well as an original variation on the theme using watercress; and a hearty Mediterranean fish stew with an authentic rouille. The program also includes the superstars of the soup world, Chicken and Noodle and Chicken and Rice Soups. (24 minutes)

Loisirs et Fetes: Holidays and Celebrations


Craft in America, Season 1

More than just a manufacturer of goods, the craftsperson is an artist who draws on a bountiful lineage to create objects that are as beautiful as they are useful. This three-section program profiles a variety of craft artists to explore the origins, techniques, and significance of that process. “Memory” provides a historical overview, and then introduces craftspeople whose work is informed by their personal heritage.