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Getting My Library Card

Who can get a library card?

Resident Cards

  • resident of North Carolina;
  • non-resident who owns property or business in Jackson, Macon, or Swain County;
  • non-resident student in Jackson, Macon, or Swain County; or
  • non-resident who is employed in Jackson, Macon or Swain County.

Non-Resident Cards

People who do not meet one of these requirements may pay $15.00 for a temporary full service card. Resident cards expire after one year. Temporary cards expire after six months.

Library Cards For Minors

Applications for full service cards or guest cards for minors, defined as people under 16 years of age, must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian is responsible for all materials and financial obligations on the minor’s card, and grants the minor access to the Internet. As the responsible party, the parent or guardian must furnish appropriate proofs of age, identity, and residency, depending on the type of application (see above). If a parent or guardian specifies that a minor may not have access to the Internet, a library card will be issued that restricts Internet access.

How do I get a library card?

All applications for full service cards require valid identification verifying age and identity, proof of current address and residency status, and an additional contact address.

All Applicants:
Applicant must provide proof of age and proof of identity in the form of one or more valid ID, such as:

  • Valid Driver’s license or State issued identification card (from any state)
  • Current passport
  • Military ID, DD-214, DD-2, military dependent’s card, or U.S. veteran’s card
  • Other government issued ID, including “green card”.
  • Tax form that reflect full name such as W-2, 1099
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Certified marriage certificate, divorce decree, emancipation decree, or name change decree
  • Medicare or Medicaid card
  • Official school transcript
  • For minor children, parental verification if parent has acceptable identification
Additional verification for all full service cards (resident or temporary):
Applicants must show identification with a current mailing address, such as:
  • Valid Driver’s license or State issued identification card (from any state)
  • Recently (30 days) postmarked mail with street address
  • Dwelling lease less than one year old
  • Current automobile registration
  • Current passport

Residents of North Carolina:
Applicants must show identification with a current residential address, such as:

  • Valid Driver’s license or State issued identification card (from any state)
  • Recently (30 days) postmarked mail with street address
  • Dwelling lease less than one year old
  • Current automobile registration
  • Current passport

Non-resident property owners/business owners in Swain, Macon, or Jackson Counties:
Applicants must provide proof of ownership, such as:

  • Deed with property location and applicant’s name
  • Tax bill showing property location and applicant’s name
  • Business license showing business location and applicant’s name
  • Listed in online property tax database

Non-resident employees in Swain, Macon, or Jackson Counties:
Applicants must provide proof of employment, such as:
  • Letter from employer
  • Check stub or direct deposit voucher dated within last month
Non-resident student in Swain, Macon, or Jackson Counties:
Applicants must provide proof of attendance, such as:
  • Current Student ID
  • Current class schedule
  • Letter from the bursar’s office
  • Letter from school office
  • Report card

What Are The Fees and Fines?

Service fees:

  • Friends Rental Books are $2.00 per item
  • Interlibrary loans from libraries outside NC Cardinal and Fontana Regional Library will be charged for return postage and any fees assessed by the owning library.
  • A/V equipment varies by item
  • Replacement library card — $1
  • Non-resident library card — $15/6 months
  • Copies or computer print-outs — 25¢/side
  • Fax (no international faxes) — Send: $1.00 per page. Receive: $1.00 per page
  • Returned check fee — $10
  • Processing fee — $5

Overdue fines:

Overdue fines are assessed for items returned or renewed past their due date to encourage library users to return their materials by the designated return date so that they are available for other users. Overdue fines accrue for all days the check out library is scheduled to be open.

  • Books, books on tape or CD, music on CD or cassettes, magazines, newspapers — 25¢/day; maximum $10/item
  • Reference books — $2/day; maximum $50/item
  • AV equipment — $2/day; maximum $50/item

Payment of service fees and fines — The Library will accept cash, personal checks, money orders, or cashier's cheques for payment. The Library does not accept credit cards.

Overdue fines: Materials are expected to be returned or renewed (if eligible) by the due date. Overdue fees will be assessed based on the chart above. A notification of overdue materials is made after materials are 14 days past the due date. If the items are not returned, a second notification is made when materials are 28 days past the due date. If an item is overdue more than six weeks the item will be assumed lost and the borrower will be charged the appropriate replacement fee. If the item is returned to the Library in good condition after the borrower has been billed, the bill for the lost item will be canceled and the borrower will be responsible for the overdue fines accrued up to the date of return, or the maximum fine.

Lost/damaged materials: If items are not returned to the Library or are returned in an irreparably damaged condition the user will be billed for the replacement cost of the item, which includes processing costs. Users are expected to pay this bill within two weeks. The Library is the sole arbiter of the condition of a damaged item. Replacement items will not be accepted as payment for lost or damaged bills. This may only be waived by prior approval from the Branch or County Librarian. A $5.00 per item processing fee will be charged if replacement items are accepted. The replacement item must be an exact match for the item being replaced.

Can I Lose My Library Card Privileges?

Books and other library resources, including library computers, may not be checked out to a library user in any of the following circumstances:
  • Library card has expired. Cards may only be renewed if all fines or fees are paid in full and address is verified.
  • Returned mail. Privilege is reinstated only upon proof of current mailing address.
  • Bills or overdue fines are $25.00 or over.
  • Violation of Library Policy which results in a user being banned from the Library for a specified time period.
  • Library cards will expire on an annual basis (six months for temporary) and may be renewed as long as all outstanding fines and fees are paid in full.

Using My Library Card

How Do I Use My Card?

Within Fontana Regional Library there are two levels of borrowing privileges. Full service card holders in good standing may check out available library items, place holds, and have full use of library resources. Guest card holders may not check out materials but may use library computers and all other resources.

  • Library users are responsible for the timely return, in good condition, of all materials checked out to their cards. Fines or fees will be charged for lost, damaged, or late items.
  • Library users are financially responsible for any fines and fees on their record.
  • Library materials may be returned at any NC Cardinal library.
  • If library users allow others to check out materials on their cards, those materials are the responsibility of the card owner.
  • Library users must notify the Library if their cards are lost or stolen. Library users are responsible for all materials checked out on their cards up to the time that they report the cards as lost.
  • Library users must update their addresses or other contact information including email addresses if there are changes.

NC Cardinal:

NC Cardinal is a consortium of libraries across North Carolina. Library users who have a library card in good standing at any member library of the NC Cardinal Consortium have borrowing privileges at all NC Cardinal libraries. Library users may place holds on items from any library within the consortium and have it delivered to their local library.


Several libraries across North Carolina have pooled their resources to provide digital resources, including e-books and e-audiobooks, to their users through membership in the e-iNC consortium. Library users who have a library card in good standing at any e-iNC member library may place holds on and download these resources to their personal devices

My library card stopped working- why can't I access eBooks or other online resources?

Your library card 'expires' on an annual basis and must be renewed each year. You don't need to replace your library card; you'll only need to re-verify your contact information by visiting or contacting your library and they will renew your card for another year.

To renew a library card the account must be in good standing, i.e. all outstanding fines and fees must be paid in full on or before the date of renewal. Library users will need to verify that all contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, is current. If the card is a temporary card, the $15.00 fee will need to be paid at the time of renewal.

Can I use my card outside my home library?

Any of the books or other materials in the NC Cardinal Library system are available to library card holders. Check the Catalog for the title you want, and if it is not in your home library, it may be requested it from another library.

How long can I keep my library books or materials checked out?

  • Most books (adult & juvenile), books on tape or CD, music on CD or cassettes, magazines, newspapers — 3 weeks
  • High-demand books (new books, seasonal books) — 2 weeks
  • Friends Rental Books ($2.00 check out fee applies) — 2 weeks
  • Video - all formats (limit 5 total per card) — 1 week
  • AV equipment (checkout fee may apply) — 1 day
  • Reference books — 1 day

Renewals: Most books, books on tape or CD, music cassettes or CDs, and magazines may be renewed for two additional periods as long as no holds have been placed on them.

New books may be renewed for one additional two-week period as long as no holds have been placed on them.

Videos may be renewed once.

Friends Rental Books, seasonal books, and digital resources may not be renewed.

Eligible items may be renewed in person, over the telephone, or online through the Library catalog. Library users should have their library card on hand to renew items.

Material Returns: All borrowed items may be returned either to the indoor or outside book drop or circulation desk at any NC Cardinal library. Items that will not fit in the book drops must be taken inside to the desk.

Reserving/Requesting Materials

Library users may place a hold on a specific item that is currently checked out or owned by another NC Cardinal library. Users will be notified by email, phone, or U.S. mail when the item arrives at the requesting library. Items must be picked up in a timely manner (within seven days from date of notification) or they will be released to the next person on the waiting list, sent back to the owning library, or re-shelved.

Interlibrary Loan Requests

Library users may request that the Library attempt to locate and borrow for their use a specific item that is not available in any NC Cardinal library’s collection. Library users borrowing interlibrary loan materials are responsible for paying postage to return the item to the loaning library, and any fees charged by the loaning library. Loan periods are set by the owning library.

Reference materials: Reference materials are only loaned by special permission of the Branch or County Librarian for one day.

Not all member libraries loan all types of items. Current issues of print magazines or newspapers may not be checked out.

Using My Online Account

How can I access My Account?

Your account is part of the services of our Online Catalog. Log on to the catalog and then you access "My Account." (see below) Online Catalog NC Cardinal Catalog Guide Available (see below)

How do I search the Online Catalog?

You can search the catalog several ways. Important note: You do not need a library card, or need to log on to search the catalog.

The online catalog homepage has a simple search engine in which you can search by words or phrase, author, title, subject, series, or periodical title. You can search all of the libraries within the NC Cardinal system, or you can limit your search to just one library or library system.

How do I login to My Account? What are my user ID and PIN?

The user ID is the number on the back of your library card (ex. 29493100….). The last four digits of your daytime phone number is the PIN (Personal Identification Number) when you receive your library card. Your PIN is case sensitive! We recommend you change this when you begin using your library card online.

How do I change my PIN?

Click on “My Account,” enter your user ID and PIN, then select the “User PIN change” option. Type in the new PIN in the lower two boxes (and write it down somewhere safe so you don’t forget it!) If you forget your PIN, call your local library and ask to have it reset.

How can I look up what books I have checked out?

Click on “My Account” from any page in the catalog. Click on the option to “Review My Account” and enter your user ID and PIN. A screen will pop up with a list of materials you have checked out, as well as any fines you owe. If you have requested the Library to place a hold for you, “My Account” will list your holds and where you are in the queue. Once you leave “My Account,” the system automatically logs you out in order to protect your privacy.

How can I renew a book?

Click on “My Account” from any page in the catalog. Click on the option to “Renew My Materials” and enter your user ID and PIN. The screen will list which items you are able to renew, and will give instructions on how to proceed. Again, once you leave this screen, the system automatically logs you out in order to protect your privacy. Please read the screen carefully to ensure your items were renewed. (New books and items already renewed twice may not be renewed again). You can also double-check your due-dates by selecting the “Review My Account” page.

Can I put a book on hold using the online catalog?

Yes, you can reserve an item right through the Library catalog on the internet. (You will need your user ID.) You will be notified when the book is at your library.

How can I be sure I’m logged out?

If you log in to the online catalog from the catalog homepage, you will need to manually logout. Please be sure to logout in order to protect your privacy, especially if you are using a public access computer.

Other Library Services

How do I get access to computers in the Library and does it cost anything?

Guest cards are available at no cost to library users who only wish to use library computers. Valid identification verifying age and identity must be provided at the time of application and guests are required to sign a FRL Acceptable Use Agreement before a card can be issued. Please refer to specific requirements for minors (under 16 years of age) below. A guest card has no check out privileges for any materials. A guest card expires after one year. A library user with a full service library card may not apply for a guest card.

What Is The Charge For Printing And Photocopying?

Normal letter, legal or 11”x17” pages printed on library copiers or printers will be charged at 25₵ per side for black and white or color.

How do I get access to 3D printing services at the library?

Getting started:

  • Bring your .STL file on a flash drive.
  • Fill out the 3D Printing Request Form.
  • Cost to print is $3 for the first hour plus $1 for each subsequent hour.
  • Payment for your object is to be made at the time the completed job is picked up. If the job is not picked up, your account will be charged.
  • Once your object has been printed, the library will contact you via phone or email to pick up your item and your flash drive. It can take up to two weeks for a print job to be completed.
  • Your item will be held for pickup for two weeks after you have been contacted. After two weeks, the print job becomes the property of the library and may be recycled or discarded.
Please see the Library’s 3D Printing Policy for more information.


Can I choose a color?

Yes, you may choose a color from those currently available at the library.

How long does it take?

Please allow up to two weeks for your 3D print job to be completed. If the job has not been picked up within two weeks of notification that it has been completed, the object becomes the property of the library, but you are still responsible for paying its cost.

Can I estimate the cost of my print before bringing my file to the library?

Cost to print is $3 for the first hour plus $1 for each subsequent hour. A print job of longer than 8 hours is not accepted, so the maximum cost is $10. Include a note with a smaller maximum on your Request Form if $10 is more than you want to pay.

Can I request multiple items for printing?

Customers may only request one item be printed at a time. We do accept single items that require printing in multiple parts. This is to ensure that all customers have the opportunity to have files printed in a timely manner. Once your print job has been picked up, we welcome you to submit another request.

I’d like to print an object that is composed of multiple parts. Should this be in one file or multiple files?

Please provide separate files for each component of your object. This allows library staff to optimize print settings to each piece.

Can the library resize my object for me?

We recommend refining the exact dimensions of your object before bringing it to library staff for printing. Library staff have different abilities in 3D print design and cannot be responsible for the quality or successful printing of your file.

What are the technical specifications for 3D printing at the library?


  • Fontana Regional Library uses only PLA plastic filament
  • Fontana Regional Library has two models of 3D printer
    • Tiertime UP Box+ (maximum print size 25.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm / 10 x 8 x 8 in)
      • Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library in Cashiers
      • Jackson County Public Library in Sylva
      • Marianna Black Library in Bryson City
    • Tiertime UP Plus 2 (maximum print size 14 x 14 x 13.5 cm / 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.3 in)
      • Hudson Library in Highlands
    • Maximum print time is 8 hours.
    • Objects print in a single color
    • Accepted file format is .STL


Guidelines And Policies

Are there specific guidelines for individual conduct in the Library?

To provide good library service in a pleasant environment, the Fontana Regional Library Board has approved Guidelines for Conduct (pdf).

Is there a policy for computer use?

The Computer Usage Policy (pdf) is a Library-wide policy for the management of computer data networks and the resources they make available, as well a stand-alone computers that are owned and administered by the Library.

Can my child access the Internet in the Library without my supervision?

Parental permission to access the internet is part of the Application for Library Card and the Acceptable Use Agreement (included in Computer Usage Policy) for guest users.

What basic policies guide the Library?

The American Library Association has adopted a Library Bill of Rights (pdf). Fees, fines and general policy may be found in the Circulation Policy.

Important FRL Policies (available in pdf format) include:

(All guidelines and policies are available in PDF format, viewable in Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Download the latest version of Reader.)

How does the Library choose what materials they will offer?

The library has a Collection Development Policy (pdf) that sets forth the criteria the Library uses to evaluate materials for the Fontana Regional Library system.

What if I object to specific library resources?

The Library has a Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources Form (pdf) for individual concerns about library resources.

Can I request that the Library purchase books, videos, magazines, etc.?

You may suggest resources to add to the Library's collection. Please use the Request for Addition of Materials Form (pdf) and return it to your local library.

Can I make a donation to the Library?

Your donations are appreciated! There are many ways to support the Library, including monetary donations, gifts in honor, material donations, and more. Visit our Donations page for more information.

Fontana Regional Library is a 501(c)3 organization and your donations may be tax deductible.