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Recently Fontana Regional Library (FRL) completed its 5 year long range plan, and “Connectivity” became one of our 7 goals. The goal’s focus is to promote “Affordable broadband service to every home and business” using 2 strategies. These strategies are, “Keep the public informed of initiatives, opportunities, and barriers to connectivity in this area” and “Advocate for affordable ‘last mile’ broadband connectivity for our service area.”

Each of the FRL member libraries are now planning to actively engage with their local communities on all of their new FRL long range plan goals. Starting with the strategy Advocate for affordable “last mile” broadband connectivity for our service area, FRL IT Manager John Tyndall and the Marianna Black Librarian Jeff Delfield have recently submitted membership nominations for the Swain County Broadband Committee.

“Swain County’s idea for a Broadband Committee is right on target,” said Tyndall. “We look forward to engaging with this locally established team and being able to offer library resources to assist in identifying the community’s needs, prioritizing, and strategically addressing them.”

More updates and stories will follow as more of FRL member libraries “connect” with their local communities.

Connectivity - Fontana Regional Library Long Range Plan