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Bullets and silver

James, Nik
Colorado, July 1878. A solar eclipse is almost upon the country, and a peak overlooking the fledgling town of Elkhorn is one of the centers of attention. In the midst of frontier celebrations, Caleb Marlowe, reluctantly deputized for the event, learns that local power broker Judge Horace Patterson is targeted for assassination. Caleb's efforts to thwart the plan, however, are complicated when a ghost from his past shows up to blackmail him. Elijah Starr, acting for a railroad robber baron, will use any ruthless method to clear the way for a rail line to be built through Elkhorn. Caleb is commissioned to bring Starr to face justice after the assassination attempt, but he has his own agenda. Starr is his father, the man who abused and murdered Caleb's mother. Caleb swears justice will prevail...or he'll die trying.


Nik James
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