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The Complete Cookbook for Teens

Morrison, Julee
From doing laundry to parallel parking, growing up requires teenagers to learn some very important life skills―none more important than cooking. The Complete Cookbook for Teens teaches young adults looking to advance their cooking knowledge with straightforward instructions and easy-to-make recipes. Inside this cookbook for teens, young chefs will find tons of recipes for tasty classics like pizza, sandwiches, and pancakes, as well as information on different cooking techniques, kitchen safety tips, and how to properly set up a chef’s station. In this cookbook for teens, they’ll even learn how to plate like a chef so that the whole family feels they’re dining out at a fine dining establishment. Move over Mom and Dad, there is a new chef in town. The Complete Cookbook for Teens includes: 120 and counting―With so many delicious recipes, teens will fall in love with the art of cooking. Something for everybody―Teens will discover a mix of meat, fish, and vegetarian recipes as they learn to add versatility to their skills. Rating system―The recipes in this cookbook for teens are assigned difficulty ratings to appeal to all skill levels and help teens build confidence in the kitchen. When your young adult wants to get things cooking, The Complete Cookbook for Teens will help them enhance their culinary abilities. --

Julee Morrison

Includes index.
Target Readership: