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Conquer worry and anxiety

Amen, Daniel G

"You can overcome worry and anxiety today. It is possible to feel better fast-and to make it last. Many people, mental health professionals included, think therapy needs to be long, hard, and painful-a lifelong commitment. And while some people will need help longer than others, it is often possible for people to start feeling better right now. If you engage in the right behaviors and strategies, you'll optimize your brain health-and see the benefits in your everyday life. In Conquer Worry and Anxiety, renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel G. Amen will guide you to lasting change, teaching you how to make decisions that serve your brain's health and set you on a path to a happier, healthier life. Each of us can make small changes that, over time, create amazing results"--


Daniel G. Amen, MD.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 129-153)

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