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The Dark Materials

Churi, Amanda

Upon completing the perilous journey across time once more, Eero and his friends realize that something has gone horribly wrong; the destination that they sought is not where they ended up. Encountering threats from the first second on, the team is locked into a deadly game of hide and seek, where nothing is what it seems, and no one can be trusted--not even each other. Meanwhile, in Phantome, Kevin is struggling with his own war. Reeve lurks in the dark, continuing to build her offenses, and Kevin is the only one who stands a chance of taking her down... At least he thought so, until an earth-shattering calamity strikes, causing Kevin to lose something far greater than his life... Darkness reigns, friendships shatter, and treacheries swallow all... They can fight, but Fate will have the final say for those who thwarted with her, and no one can escape her wrath without paying the consequence of either their sanity, their body-- or their life.--Back cover.

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